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Demetria Dandridge 


Hi, I'm Demetria, most call me "Dee"


Are you a woman over 40 who feels like you don't have time to take care of yourself?


Are you a woman over 40 who is trying to lose weight and sick of "dieting?'


Are you a  woman over 40 who is ready to make a change but have no idea where to start?


Are you woman over 40 who wishes you had more energy, less stress, better digestion, or better quality of sleep?


If you answered even one of these questions, you have come to the right place!


I help women over 40 "boss up" their health by creating a well-balanced life that is healthy, happy, and whole without dieting.


As your health and lifestyle coach, I will help you engage your strengths, identify your struggles, and provide the support needed to overcome those struggles in order to reach your health goals.


By no means do I have it all together, but my passion now is to help women over 40 "boss up" their health and begin the journey to a healthier lifestyle.


Because, let's face it, we only live once. Let's live our Best Life while we're here. It's not too late for you to begin living the Best Version of Yourself!



My experience with Demetria as my Coach was absolutely amazing!  Before I started working with Dee I was exhausted physically and mentally. During the transition I gained so much energy . After working with her, I developed a daily routine and  the results boost my self esteem tremendously. My overall experience was  great! My body looked good and I felt good.

Chaquana R. 45 


Before becoming a client of Dee's, I was not highly motivated. I thought that working out had to include hours in the gym. I've worked out for years, but I've never felt or seen so much progress in such a short time as I did while working with my health coach. I will continue to work with her! She not only had me fit physically, but her motivation and encouragement kept me pushing from day to day! The inches fell off! I was healthier! I was more energized! I even had ladies ask me what type of body shaper I was wearing! Lol! I didn't have on one! Thanks Dee!

Angela B. 46



Living a healthy lifestyle can often simplify your life in ways you couldn’t begin to understand. It takes a little bit of effort, some motivation, and a sincere want to change the way you live, move, and eat.

If you have those attributes, replacing the old habits with the new will be simple.

This Ebook contains easy ways to make your life healthier and happier!

Whether you’re looking to transform your mood, improve flexibility, strength and posture, or you’re simply interested in increasing energy and slimming down, yoga offers all of these advantages and many more.

The best thing about yoga is that it doesn’t take a lot of time out of your day. In fact, if you can spare just 15 minutes, you can reap the benefits and rewards that come with integrating this mind & body practice into your daily routine.

With this Ebook - you will learn the top yoga poses that will help you improve your health, lose weight, and live a better, more positive life!

Sometimes people are tired for unexplained health reasons, but often there are very typical reasons for fatigue which include lack of regular sleep, poor diet, and not getting enough exercise.

Fatigue can be very frustrating and even disabling due to feeling as if you cannot get things done or enjoy your downtime

In this Ebook,  you are going to learn different ways to combat and overcome fatigue so that you can get your life back.

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